24 hours in the Norwegian Army - Competing against the Telemark Battalion 

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Big thanks to the Norwegian Army for letting me be part of the Telemark Battalion for 24 hours!
Check out www.forsvaret.no for more info about the Norwegian Army.
Music and Sound Effects: share.epidemicsound.com/vSnfn​​​
(30 day free trial)
Filmed by Markus Skaane, edited by Magnus Midtbø
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28. mars. 2021





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Hannah Djupvik Bueide
Hannah Djupvik Bueide 42 minutter siden
Haha gøy å sjå masse kjent. løypa fra beretløp, skytebana og folk.
sarpeg1337 Time siden
Mad props to you for following gun safety rules, especially with the pistol, reloading looked a bit awkwards, but you did everything to keep the gun pointed in the target area/safe direction. Seen my some guys in the Germany army who have shot before (they've been 3-5 months in the German army) but still cant remember those simply rules ... So gotta say well done for your first time shooting
CreamyBanter 5 timer siden
Tjommi glemte avtrekkets 3 faser
matrixhas 12 timer siden
The only thing you need to know about Norwegian Army is - WWII....They just go home and wait till 1945; as simple as that. New uniform wont make sons of cowards any better today. So now they take money for "being prepared for anti-russian war" - but are they ready?) Back to 1940 it was like ~20 000 troops ; now what ? 30 000? And like 36-40 "working,but never being in real combat" Leopard 2A4NO... PS: You cant name an Army - a buch of woodcutters; but you cant take money for being called NA NATO Forces...forces)
Scott Jesus Smith
Muhammad Dzhanibek
You are in the army now, ooowuuwowowwow
Luca Sandu
Luca Sandu Dag siden
I like the Norwegian uniform now that I know it
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor Dag siden
"You were so close though"... "Close" only counts in hand grenades :-)
Roberth Vala
Roberth Vala Dag siden
@ 35:51 Written in the snow "Send nudes" :) haha
Alberto G
Alberto G 2 dager siden
Muck006 2 dager siden
32:00 Magnus doesnt "cheat" ... the shirt is still ON.
Muck006 2 dager siden
27:00 _"And the Lord spake, saying, 'First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then, shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, nor either count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out! Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thou foe, who being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it.'"_
bunicul florin
bunicul florin 2 dager siden
nice motivational video
Colin Shaw
Colin Shaw 2 dager siden
I was thinking, damn, these guys are really keeping a professional face for some line dudes out in the forest. Then Send Nudes hits at 35:50 and I am reassured that all soldiers are the same.
i י
i י 2 dager siden
You would make the translation a little bigger, it would help us not to see at all
Bennie Leip
Bennie Leip 3 dager siden
I would love them to join you ones with learning how to climb👍🏻
Shmygelbryl 4 dager siden
Knowing how well Magnus does on obstacles makes it that much more impressive to se the other guy fly trough 😳
Joanna 4 dager siden
Did not expect this video and I have zero complaints !
Braydon Reeves
Braydon Reeves 4 dager siden
I hardly ever comment, but dude I love your videos. Not just the military content but EVERYTHING man. The “strong men try” videos are a crazy cool concept, and you seem like an awesome dude. Keep up the good work!
Aaron G
Aaron G 4 dager siden
11:45 lmao.. Give that man some wood to knaw on
Hermann Jose Sylvarnes
Someone that can tell me what is Writing in the snow at35:51 From the drawer in perspective
Joanna 4 dager siden
Is Andreas in the army reserve? It looks like he's wearing the captain insignia of the three stars. Just curious...
esklypai Jankus
esklypai Jankus 5 dager siden
greetings to northern brothers from Lithuania's forests.
Cta2006 5 dager siden
The Telemark battalion is Norway's "Fist in the Army's rapid reaction force and be ready for crisis management nationally and internationally." and have been deployed in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq ( not invasion ), Afghanistan and I also think they have been to Mali.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 6 dager siden
As a half Swedish and half Norwegian guy, seeing the quality of the gear in Norway I definitely joined the wrong army...
Ken Ng
Ken Ng 6 dager siden
It would be super exciting and fun to see all N.A.T.O against each other to differentiate the operation group tier. Hold a competition or training rounds shoot out.
희붕이 6 dager siden
What is the music starting from 8:43?
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 5 dager siden
Saved his best event for last. the rope climb.
wohoo 6 dager siden
The dude with glock propably was fucked after this video for not hitting targets so well😀
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 5 dager siden
You should win that competition without shirt and with chalk.
Brian Heinrich
Brian Heinrich 6 dager siden
I was sitting here thinking why hasn't he been in the military since his country has compulsory military service. Glad I got an explanation. It was exemption by exceptional talent.
ATadBitNefarious 6 dager siden
"you're a natural" >*YOU'RE IN NASHVILLE* These subtitles man lol.
Sev 28-08-1980
Sev 28-08-1980 7 dager siden
Telemark Bn dont mess around, nice...
ian mcginnis
ian mcginnis 7 dager siden
I love seeing how someone who’s never shot guns before, find out how much fun they can be.
JaMando 7 dager siden
35:19 look in the snow on the left after The ropeobstacle xD
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 6 dager siden
My mans with the pistol sucks tbh
Suze 7 dager siden
I think I’ve never seen him this tired😂 poor Magnus, to watch him run in the snow makes you wanna help him and push him a bit...this was a great episode!
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 6 dager siden
I see three stars on his chest,....hmm :P
Emily An
Emily An 7 dager siden
Magnus you should invite guys to your gym. Teach them how to climb so they can protect Norway even better
Akalion 7 dager siden
In the Russian army you spend your time just building a house for some government official
Golf Victor
Golf Victor 7 dager siden
Is Andreas in the army reserve? It looks like he's wearing the captain insignia of the three stars. Just curious...
Stephen Grenenger
Stephen Grenenger 7 dager siden
why does everyone always shoot at will what did he do ?😁
Emily An
Emily An 7 dager siden
35:50 hehehe
TheGreatKaymen 8 dager siden
Not currently in the army but I will be. Very cool veideo
Charming nowhere to hide
As a half Swedish and half Norwegian guy, seeing the quality of the gear in Norway I definitely joined the wrong army...
Niphilim 8 dager siden
35:51 lol..
Peter Vígh
Peter Vígh 8 dager siden
You should win that competition without shirt and with chalk.
Glenn The Optimistic Mariners Fan
Saved his best event for last. the rope climb.
Hurricinator 8 dager siden
alright, who did the english captions, cause they are as accurate as the auto-captions lol
Charming nowhere to hide
Killer99215 8 dager siden
"not a lot of views" pfffffffffffffffff
heikki-pekka juhantalo
We finnish conscript soldier beated Telemark battalion in Northern Wind 19 exercise
wekker090 8 dager siden
Facilities in Norway always seem to be of the highest standard. Looks really fresh modern en clean.
Kuei James
Kuei James 8 dager siden
I see three stars on his chest,....hmm :P
Alec Henderson
Alec Henderson 9 dager siden
My mans with the pistol sucks tbh
Kwader _ كوادر
Kwader _ كوادر 9 dager siden
At first I thought that magnus had that last test
minij hooi
minij hooi 9 dager siden
the most amazing thing in this video is the English level of these guys lol does every Norwegian knows English this well?!?
Biker Bros
Biker Bros 9 dager siden
7:38 Sure it’s a german Weapon
Zyriab 9 dager siden
35:50 hehehe
S B 9 dager siden
Watched all.these in reverse order..I dunno why I found last 1st so it happened...do we get a Magnus schools Norwegian army how to climb?
minij hooi
minij hooi 9 dager siden
the shot is farther away.
fredric Jacobsen.
fredric Jacobsen. 9 dager siden
 WGS84 59°56'48.0"N 10°48'22.0"E WGS84 desimal (lat, lon) 59.946658, 10.806102 UTM32N (øst, nord) 600894, 6646847 UTM33N (øst, nord) 265802, 6652895 UTM35N (øst, nord) -398592, 6756496 KartSjøkart etc 50 m  Vis på kart Eiendomsgrenser Kildesortering Trafikk Ladestasjoner Kollektivtrafikk Buss Tog T-bane Trikk Ferge Om vinteren Skiinfo Turisthytter Tursti På sjøen Gjestehavner Uthavner Båtforeninger Bunkers Feil ved importSkjul Filen mangler, prøv igjen  Sett startpunkt Sett sluttpunkt Opplevelser i nærheten Søk her GPS-koordinater Søk opp alt om denne turbo Lars. Som bodde på denne kordinatene og vorr hann Lars Larsen kjøpte hus og så søker du opp hans mor i Odalen og hans søster i Odalen.
Catalin Grigoras
Catalin Grigoras 9 dager siden
Magnus, you did a great job competing with professionals! Good tricks during the exercises too.
Ashmodai 9 dager siden
I'm an officer in the german army and it's very nice to see all the similarities and the few tiny differences :)
BlaziN Gaming
BlaziN Gaming 9 dager siden
XfStef 9 dager siden
That race as the end is why you should never miss leg day.
Juliann Davis
Juliann Davis 9 dager siden
36:18. Show off With your FOOT!
Juliann Davis
Juliann Davis 9 dager siden
I can’t believe your Army let you do this. AND film it!! So cool
Guildford Suxs
Guildford Suxs 7 dager siden
Its commercial.....the military pay to get promoted in social media from influencers like Magnus.
Ditlev Guld
Ditlev Guld 9 dager siden
35:49 freakin legends xD
PineConeKingX 9 dager siden
The quipment is finally improving. But I wish the Homeguard was prioritized more. Some are still sporting the Ludvig...
hallvard stavenes
hallvard stavenes 10 dager siden
Magnus, du må bør å besøke kystvakta! Då må du prøve deg som røykdykker på Håkonsvern😁 mvh ein vill Vossing
GoodEvenings 10 dager siden
That laugh when he pulls the pin on the grenade lmao
keeman Friends
keeman Friends 10 dager siden
Imagine getting issued an hk16 🤣
Neai Tuppi
Neai Tuppi 10 dager siden
Magnus used the snow as chalk.
Corey 10 dager siden
Magnus out here with his hands in his pockets XD
Trevbig 10 dager siden
You want to squeeze the trigger slowly till it surprises you. Any sort of fast pull on the trigger changes where you are aiming cause, it moves the rifle slightly. This amplifies when the shot is farther away.
Samuel Prescott
Samuel Prescott 10 dager siden
"Send Nudes" written in the snow...
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards 10 dager siden
LMAO anyone catch the “Send Nudes” in the snow at 35:51
hen ko
hen ko 10 dager siden
As a half Swedish and half Norwegian guy, seeing the quality of the gear in Norway I definitely joined the wrong army...
Deathination 10 dager siden
35:50 something written on the snow XD
missbeat 10 dager siden
norwegians really speak english well
Josh Embrey
Josh Embrey 10 dager siden
The issue with the pistol is you're leaning back. Lean forward, stronger stance. Right thumb overt left, assuming you didn't reverse the video. Those two things will make it less intimidating and feel more secure.
hen ko
hen ko 10 dager siden
How can i join they’re army
Paul Dominique Schal
Paul Dominique Schal 10 dager siden
Magnus climbs so effortlessly, but when he walks he looks so clumsy, almost as if he lives on trees :D
SWR 10 dager siden
It wasn't so bad right?
Fredrik Eglese
Fredrik Eglese 10 dager siden
Is there a reason that the flag on the sleeve is upside down?
haugli00 9 dager siden
When walking forward, the flag would look like that. We don't retreat.
Mo Luper
Mo Luper 10 dager siden
Hahahah i had the subtitels on and it wrote "chalk grenade" instead of shock grenade 🤣
nanocakeTV 10 dager siden
You're allowed to put the Grenade Pin back in if you don't want to throw it? :O Big no no in switzerland. Also probably not possible, cause it splits apart to far
Yack 10 dager siden
"I think it would be nice to be in the military", said no one ever 😂
KING8693 10 dager siden
Mexicans look good yah
Ethan Olsen
Ethan Olsen 10 dager siden
When you don’t level your duck in running but you do everything else
martyn harper
martyn harper 11 dager siden
I was in the British Army many years ago and served alongside the Norwegians and Swedish Armed Forces in Kosovo '99. Very professional bunch of men and women. Well done in your competitions! Never done an obstacle course in 2ft snow but i did loads in boggy mud.. Think i'd prefer snow!
Joey Indahl
Joey Indahl 11 dager siden
500 meters with a red dot is not an easy shot for a beginner!
Marta 11 dager siden
Why is it military men look so hot in uniforms makes me wish i could get into the military lol....
R TJ 11 dager siden
"it's not as accurate as the other one"... sugar... its the shooter not the platform.
SneakyOS 11 dager siden
35:51 *Wink Wink*
Yas Games
Yas Games 11 dager siden
How can i join they’re army
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 11 dager siden
Magnus: Is it any different from throwing a snowball Instructor: No Grenade: Well ig I could kill people
Al Ebnereza
Al Ebnereza 11 dager siden
35:51 😂😂😂😂
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 11 dager siden
You think that obstacle course was hard, we have to do ours while wearing all our battle equipment and with a rifle singing around to constantly hit you in the head.
James C
James C 11 dager siden
Sir, trainee what??
Bartek Mechanik
Bartek Mechanik 11 dager siden
Shouldnt you tuck your pants into boots? We do this in Poland
Joran 11 dager siden
I was OPFOR for the telemark battalion when they came to the Netherlands in Marnewaard the biggest training Village in europe. Real professional soldiers! We also use the cv90 as i was part of the mechanised infantry battalion as well.
rjkbuny 11 dager siden
Magnus should've worn gloves in the snow, that has got to hurt his hands...
P110 K9 Solutions
P110 K9 Solutions 11 dager siden
Did nobody else see "send nudes?" 😂🙄😂 Militaries are the same in every country.
P110 K9 Solutions
P110 K9 Solutions 11 dager siden
United States Marine Corps veteran here.
Alan Anderson
Alan Anderson 11 dager siden
That was awesome Magnus. For a guy who isn't familiar with firearms you were a natural.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 11 dager siden
"I feel like someone you shouldn't mess with". Looks like the beast Magnus finally took a look in the mirror :D.
Lexikdark 11 dager siden
Rena Leir ^^ opened in 1997 :D same place I did my run for a while. :P I've been to that exact shooting range many times actually ^^ doing standing, walking and "quick-scope" rifle shooting. also had a few ricoches fly past my head on the range 200m to his left(viewers right). Oh and yeah they where being nice. those bois are goooooood at their job man ^^ and fun as all hell to drink with after they come home from a deployment :D
MartinTheElf 11 dager siden
Han som var med på 4ETG ?
Dario Bejo
Dario Bejo 11 dager siden
So was he demonetized ?
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 11 dager siden
Did you see the send nudez writing in the snow?
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